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    Duty to Serve

    Duty to Serve

    Tackling the nation’s most persistent housing challenges.

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    Our Mission

    Doing More for Affordable Housing

    We're proud to lead the industry in developing innovative solutions for rural housing, manufactured housing, and affordable housing preservation that will benefit the nation for generations to come.

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    Help Where it's Needed

    Supporting Rural Housing

    Rural areas are home to about one-quarter of the nation’s population, but suffer disproportionately from substandard infrastructure, lack of affordable housing options, and higher-than-average poverty rates.

    We’re working to expand affordable housing options for more households across the rural landscape.

    Sweat Equity

    Expanding opportunities for borrowers to make a down payment with their skills instead of cash.

    LIHTC Equity

    Re-entering the LIHTC equity market to help create and preserve more affordable rental housing in places like Summit County, CO.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      We exceeded all LIHTC equity investment targets in 2018 to support 17 rural rental properties with 796 units affordable at 60% AMI.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      We purchased more than $1.5 billion in single-family loans – the majority in high-needs rural areas.

    Affordable Homes

    Supporting Manufactured Housing

    Today’s manufactured homes are comparable in quality to site-built homes and cost up to 50 percent less per square foot, providing a meaningful affordable housing alternative for many families.

    We’re developing innovative approaches to better support manufactured housing options.

    More Affordable Financing

    Launching CHOICEHomeSM to offer conventional financing similar to site-built options for a new type of high-quality factory-built home.

    Resident-Owned Communities

    Doing more to finance and support resident-owned manufactured housing communities like World Marine Estates in American Canyon, CA.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      In 2018, we purchased $372 million in single-family manufactured home loans, which includes a 10% increase in purchase money mortgages over 2017.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      We conducted in-depth research on tenant protections in manufactured housing communities to better inform our ongoing efforts.

    Keeping it Together

    Supporting Affordable Housing Preservation

    Preserving the nation’s existing affordable housing stock is critical for keeping safe, decent homes within reach for moderate- and low-income families.

    We’re focusing on preserving affordable housing to foster strong, stable communities.

    Shared Equity Programs

    Preserving affordable housing by purchasing community land trust mortgages that help maintain long-term affordability.

    Tax-Exempt Financing

    Expanding our tax-exempt loan financing to help keep rental housing like Brooklyn’s Eleven33 affordable for low-income renters.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      In 2018, our new TAH Express offering provided $50 million in funding for 12 smaller properties to more cost-effectively support over 1,100 affordable rental units.

    • Duty to Serve Facts

      We introduced GreenCHOICE Mortgages℠ to make it easier to finance energy-efficiency improvements when buying or refinancing a home.

    Making a Positive Difference Together

    We’re engaging with the industry, community organizations, all levels of government, and other dedicated organizations to take action. #DutyToServe

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